Christmas Giveaway Winners


The Christmas giveaway and Outlet Sale is officially closed. 

15% of all profits (from my shop sales) will be donated to charities!

The winners are…

Lauren – Knit in My Womb

Melody – Blossoming JOY


Winners must email me with their contact info by 12.31 to claim their prize.


Thank you to all those who entered the giveaway, offered prayers, and/or words of encouragement.  To those that were unable to make a purchase, I completely understand that the non-essentials must be put on hold during times of need. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to make any purchases if I was not a consultant since being a consultant leads to some great deals and pay.

I held an online party earlier this month and made $62. It's not much but every bit helps. It broke down to about $31 per hour. (The hourly breakdown should increase once I get more familiar with inputting orders.) In addition, I earned $25 in product.  It’s been nice to get a jump start on organizing for the New Year.  It also comes in handy for gifts since I tend to get in more trouble by venturing into the brick and mortar stores.

In fact, I initially signed-up to get the consultant kit – $99 for over $300 worth of product.  My plan was to use the consultant set as gifts (13 items to be exact).  Instead, I fell in love with the items and found personal uses for the bags. 

I have never held a physical party and do not intend to.  I have sold additional bags by word of mouth, using the bags on a daily basis, and online parties.  This opportunity has been simple with no pressure or real risk!

You are invited, anytime, to contact me for more info or sign-up to be a consultant.

The current consultant info is listed below.



spring enrollment kit

New consultants will receive the spring enrollment kit* (above) for $99.   In addition, all new consultants who host their first party in January can double their Hostess credits (with any party over $500).  In other words, a new consultant has the possibility of receiving $180 in free product as the "Hostess" and a $125 commission (which in turn will cover the enrollment costs).

Contact me to find out how you can earn extra income, get great incentives, and more!

*The Spring Enrollment Kit features:
  • Cinch Sac in Punch Bowl
  • Keep-It Caddy in Turquoise Cross Pop
  • Large Utility Tote in Party Punch
  • Lil' Expressions Mini Zipper Pouch in Natural w/ Grey
  • Organizing Utility Tote in Island Damask
  • Pocket-A-Tote in Turquoise Cross Pop
  • Retro Metro Bag in Lotsa Dots
  • Scarf in Pink Punch Bowl
  • Small Rosette Clip in Turquoise
  • Thermal Tote in Punch Bowl
  • Thermal Zipper Pouch in Island Damask
  • Timeless Wristlet in Party Punch
  • Top-A-Tote in Grey
  • Start-up business supplies


  1. I may be getting a job near the beginning of next year as secretary of our township. Hopefully!! I used to audit the townships back in my working days so I think I have a pretty good chance...the secretary now says it's definitely mine - so we'll see! And I get to work at home! Anyway......if I do, then I may definitely take you up on the consultant idea. Pre-marriage and kids I was a Tastefully Simple and Stampin Up consultant. I love the idea of no parties - I don't think I could do it now as I used to. I do like the ideas of giving some as gifts since I myself have a hard time entering stores - the devil loves tempting me to my old habits - many I'm still trying to conquer!


  2. just commenting again because I decided I needed a picture by my comments and checking to see if it worked ;)...



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