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The girls and I helped with clean-up and set-up at our parish on Christmas Eve.



Our happiness is found in Him, alone.  Dad and I give thanks for the stripping that He has allowed. We have been freed to seek Him first with limited attachments.  This year was no different, we had no budget for gifts.  Our eyes were solely on Him.  All were joyful and ready to celebrate His birth with humble surroundings. 

The good Lord was generous and blessed us through Dad’s parents.  They gave us cash during the week of Christmas.  It was enough to cover our monthly expenses and provide some modest gifts for the kids and loved ones.  DEO GRATIAS!


Christkindl exchange.  Each sibling had a max of $5 that could be spent on their Christkindl.  Dad took them shopping.  The girls received yarn, on sale at JoAnns.  The boys received a box set of cars.  The total of the exchange was $21.



Sweetie and Sparkles received a toy horse and couldn’t have been happier. (Costco – $9.98 ea)


Dragonfly got a set of tractors from his Christkindls – all the kids. (Wal-Mart – $5)


Papi was so excited with a simple dino book that I couldn’t capture a clear shot of him. (TJ Maxx – $3)PC250018

Rose got a plush robe. (Kohls – $20.  It was a bit more than we would have liked but it worked out.  Between her robe and 2 Fisher Price Nativity Sets ($13 ea), we earned $10 Kohl’s Cash)


Dad received the one and only item he requested, gloves. (Costco – $12)

I was happy with my gift of a clean house pre-Christmas and a coupon for a guaranteed clean house for the remainder of the Christmas season.  In other words, I am exempt from cleaning until post-Baby G. (PRICELESS)



The lengths we have to go through to get Papi in a picture.


We left our home at 9:00 pm for Lessons & Carols and Midnight Mass.  It was a very long night – ALL FOR!!




We look forward to keeping CHRIST in Christmas and continuing our celebrations for the entire duration of the Christmas season.  The Christmas season does not begin until the first Mass at Christmas Eve, and doesn't end liturgically until the Octave of the Epiphany on January 14. It goes on in the spiritual sense until Candlemas on February 2, when all celebrations of Christ's Childhood give way to Septuagesima and Lent.


  1. You have a sincerely joyful looking family...It's beautiful that your family prepares Jesus *house* (church) as well as your own.

  2. I do love a "poor" Christmas. We try hard not to be extravagant, whether this has been imposed on us or not. It's just much better.

  3. I love your Christmas - so rich in Him :) We do much of the same and it's so beautiful to just rejoice in His birth! I loved reading how your kids are ecstatic with a $5 toy...people really wouldn't believe it - they think we're depriving them! We do our gifts on St Nick's day and present our 'gifts' (what we offered up and placed in His stocking all during Advent) to Jesus on His birthday. The kids always get something from the grandparents, but not on His birthday :) And they are truly so happy about His birthday...LOVE it! His stripping has been such a blessing to us too! your blow up nativity!

  4. Oh my, your kneeer is in front of your manger. I have to copy that idea. And I was so happy to read your post today --there is so much joy without things!

  5. Merry Christmas!! Looked like you had a lovely Christmas with your family. Due to finances we had a "poor" Christmas (as Leila put it). Husband & I didn't exchange gifts and all but 1 gift (he didn't get many) for our son came from the library book sale room/discount book store & hand me down toys I hid months ago. His favorite gift though was a Curious George book (cost me all of 50 cents!).

    Blessings to you & your family during this Christmas Season!!

  6. Beautiful, faithful, sharing! We, too, are barely stretching our dollars as these times of financial hardships continue. I wanted to support your business but just couldn't pull it off, my apologies:( Your family keeping Christ in Christmas is a gift to the world:) God bless you all!

  7. ALL - Thanks for all of your encouragement!
    I will be certain to add you all to my Christmastide prayers.

    Tiffany - No need for apologies. I completely understand that the non-essentials must be put on hold during times of need. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to make any purchases if I was not a consultant since being a consultant leads to some great deals and pay. I held an online party earlier this month and made $62. It's not much but every bit helps. It broke down to about $31 per hour. (The hourly breakdown should increase once I get more familiar with inputting orders.) It also comes in handy for gifts since I tend to get in more trouble by venturing into the brick and mortar stores. ;)

    In any case, please stop by to enter my giveaway for a free tote or mystery gift (no purchase needed).

    ad Jesum per Mariam,



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