Jesse Tree Printed Ornaments

A Jesse Tree is a depiction of the genealogy of Jesus designed in such a way as to show that He springs from the "root of Jesse"  per the prophecy of Isaias 11:1:

And there shall come forth a rod out of the root of Jesse [David's father], and a flower shall rise up out of his root.


**UPDATE – I have included a link to a PDF of the coordinating scripture verses and O Anitphon reflections.  The links are provided at the end of this post.


Frugality is a necessity in my home.  I give thanks for this gift of limited poverty.  It has helped me to slow down, simplify, detach, treasure what is right before me, to be content, and to foster creativity. 

Needless to say, purchasing a Jesse Tree or any other supplemental has been out of the question for my family for sometime now.  I made plans to print off a set of Jesse Tree Ornaments from Michele Quigley.  I love her use of traditional images that capture the beauty of the Catholic Church.

I had a lovely pre-Advent blessing when I was able to join the Jesse Tree Swap that Jessica hosted.  Rose helped me crank out 32 wheat ornaments  within two days.  Still, I opted to create ornaments from Michele’s printables.  I also made plans to create additional sets of ornaments for Godchildren and Godparents, for a grand total of ten sets of Jesse Tree Ornaments.


I slightly altered Michele’s tutorial.



  • metallic gold paper (for 7-2 in cutouts)
  • metallic purple paper (for 17-2 in cutouts)
  • 2 in circular paper punch
  • 2.5 in flower paper punch
  • scissors
  • 1/8 in hole puncher
  • glue stick
  • tape
  • ornament hooks (24)
  • gold tassels (7 for the O Antiphons)
  • ribbon for embellishments


  • print Jess Tree ornaments from Michele Quigley here - Page 1 and Page 2
  • cutout the printed ornaments using the 2in circle paper punch


  • cut out 17 flower shapes from the purple craft paper
  • cut out 7 flower shapes from the gold craft paper
  • hole punch ea. craft paper cutout (24)
  • trim tassels (7)
  • adhere tassel to gold flower (use tape)


  • glue Jesse Tree ornament cutout to the coordinating flower cutout (be certain that the O Antiphons go with the gold flowers)



Jesse Tree Ornaments - Gift Set


2012-11-303    PB300551 

Be certain to include a copy of the coordinating scripture verses and O Anitphon reflections

The scriptures are taken from the RSV-Catholic Bible.  The O Antiphon content is from Fr. Z.



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  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! I, too, love the gorgeous illustrations that Michelle choose for these printable ornaments. So pretty!

    (And I also love your scalloped punch! lol Wish you lived next door and I could have borrowed it last week when I was trying to make cupcake toppers for a baby shower... what a job! I finally gave up and just hand cut straight edges.)

  2. thanks.

    i saw your lovely party. know that the small touches are usually not seen by many. your love and hard work radiated with every detail of the party - even your simple hand cut toppers.

    i'm a bit disappointed with the friskars paper cutters/punches. this is the second cutter that broke at the handle. turns out that the cutters work great on reg. paper but tend to have trouble when it comes to heavy scrapbook book paper/cardstock. thank goodness that jo-anns is right down the street. ;)

  3. They are beautiful Lena!

  4. Lovely! And what a great gift idea!!! That might make it into this weeks agenda!!

  5. Very pretty! A perfect gift indeed! Have a blessed Advent season!!

  6. Great printable Jesse Tree ornaments! I make felt sets, some with beads and sequins.

  7. These are the nicest Jesse tree ornaments I have seen. We made our set out of felt but sadly, its the one tradition I am leaving out this year because I get too stressed when we miss a night or two and with a tiny baby, that is going to happen!

  8. Hi there, There was something wrong with my link up today and in fixing it, your blog posts were deleted. Would you please link up again, I have fixed the problem. Thanks, Tricia @



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