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Many of the legends concerning St. Nicholas had to do with his abounding charity and extraordinary miracles, and particularly his Christ-like love for children, so that in Catholic countries he is said to make an annual visit on his feast day to bring presents to little ones.


Once again, my Advent is not according to plan.  This includes this lovely feast day of St. Nicholas. 

No gifts for the kids but we did manage to give a special something in thanksgiving for my husband's well-being & His grace, united with the intercession of St. Nicolas & Our Blessed Mother.

All praise and thanksgiving to the good Lord who leads me and my family and provides us the necessary grace to persevere. Advent Checklist - JOYfiledfamily

Lastly, in honor of this blessed feast day I’m sharing our Advent list.  This list mimics that from our Lenten program. 

Our days are not perfect but we seek to persevere in daily prayers, spiritual readings, and almsgiving – all in joyful waiting and desire to prepare our hearts for JESUS CHRIST.

Below are links to versions of our Advent list.  It’s a simple list that helps keep us accountable.  ALL FOR!



“Let us pray that we shall be able to welcome Jesus at Christmas not in the cold manger of a selfish heart, but in a heart full of love, compassion, joy and peace, a heart warm with love for one another.”

~Bl. Teresa of Calcutta

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes, I can feel a bit down at the end of the day, because so many of the plans I had made to make a holy day or season special just did not come through. Perseverance is just the word I needed to help change my focus. If all is done for love, all that we do will be just enough! Always enjoy your blog, thank you!



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