Monthly TO-DO ~ January

I have decided to post my general monthly TO-DO list here in efforts to keep me accountable to my Rule of Life and provide easy access for future reference.  Feel free to follow along, comment, share your monthly to-do’s, or just offer (some much needed) prayers. 
+ad Jesum per Mariam+
January TO-DOjan to do list - excel pic
  • Follow Deep-Clean Schedule
  • Finalize School Plans
  • Follow-up on Rose’s school status
  • Finalize Plans for RMGS – FEB – APRIL
  • Get current with car and home maintenance
  • Birth & Baby Prep
    • Final birthing exercises and meditations
    • Purchase birthing kit
    • Make birthing supplies
    • Set-up birthing room
    • Make baby supplies
    • Wash baby clothes
    • Make freezer meals
  • REST

Whenever you begin any good work you should first of all make a most pressing appeal to Christ our Lord to bring it to perfection.  ~ St. Benedict


  1. You are so organized...I like your to-do list chart :)

  2. Blessed New Year and thank you for the inspiration, Lena! Boy, do I need to get to work;-) I can imagine you must be feeling the crunch before baby arrives too. You will be in my New Year's prayers for a safe and blessed delivery! I would love to add a meal for that freezer of yours but need to get dietary guidelines:) I'll be in touch!

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