A Master Bedroom & Birthing Suite

Master Bedroom JOYfilledfamily Jan 2013My birthing suite (aka master bedroom) is complete.  It was not an easy task but it has finally come together with the help of my entire family.

Master Bedroom collage v2 JOYfilledfamily Jan 2013

Master Bathroom collage JOYfilledfamily Jan 2013

Prior to now, my master bedroom was serving as a storage room – a catch-all from quick cleans and all the other rooms in the house.  It was never my intention to live amongst clutter but it became easier to store it away than to deal with it.  Dad and I really never minded because having a clean room, a haven, has never been much of a priority.  We spend the majority of time as a family in the main living areas of our home.  Also, cleaning in itself is not the priority of my family (proof can be found here).  Sure, we have basic cleaning chores but anything beyond that is often reserved for special guests or yearly liturgical cleaning.  That’s the reality of our growing family who spends majority of the day together (dad, mom, and all five kids) homeschooling while trying to make due with my aliments

The hope is that my birthing suite will remain a haven for the remainder of my pregnancy (currently 36 weeks 2 days along), labor, baby G’s infancy, and beyond.  ALL FOR!




  1. What a nice little sanctuary! May you be blessed with a beautiful at home birth!

  2. Your room looks lovely! I'm looking forward to another homebirth in August, and already cringing at the clutter in my room. Prayers for a safe, speedy delivery!

  3. what a lovely cozy-looking haven indeed. Your infant (and you) will love it !!

  4. What a lovely and secure place to welcome your newest child! God's grace and peace to your days...

  5. Very interesting thanks. I believe there's even more that could be on there! keep it up into a link



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