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Rosa Mystica Girls' Society (RMGS) is a society of young girls, ages nine through thirteen from St. Stephen the First Martyr Catholic Church. Under the Patronage of Our Lady of the Mystical Rose, the girls meet once a month on First Saturday for: Mass, Spiritual talk, teatime, and skills/activities.


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{PRETTY}RMGS group photo with aprons 12.1.12 sewing WM

Forty girls joining together every month to grow in faith, virtue, and service, through hospitality, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The girls completed their aprons by the end of the third sewing session.



Thirty-three girls exchanging their Christkindls,


Fr. B with the french horn

Thirty-two girls and several moms enjoying some impromptu entertainment - Fr. B. getting down with the French Horn.

You can a watch a video here (at the bottom of the post).


RMGS Fall Bake Sale 2012 logo

I’m attempting to plan another bake sale – St. Valentine’s Bake Sale.  I’m feeling a bit optimist since the bake sale will be seven days before my due date. 

The bake sales help us fund our projects for the year, provide an opportunity for the girls to serve our parish community, and the girls get to showcase their baking talents.


Our Lady of the Mystical Rose ~ Pray for us!


  1. This program looks wonderful! I'd love to see something similar at our parish. Little Flowers has fizzled and we're supposed to do something new this spring!

  2. Wow! The group sounds wonderful! My girls would love something like that, I guess it just takes a great leader and the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

    Also, your bake sale poster design is lovely! Very impressive!

  3. Love all those happy girls!
    Thanks for joining!



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