RMGS ~ Hospitality & Obedience ~ Sewing III

I apologize for the brief recap.  Unfortunately, I have waited too long to create this post and my placenta brain has taken hold of what little recollection I once had.  I hope to add more to this post as I am able.


Rosa Mystica Girls’s Society met for our fourth JOYfilledfamilymeeting of the 2012-13 Session on First Saturday, December 1, 2012. There were thirty-eight girls in attendance.

This was the last meeting that the girls would be in with their original group; Love of God, Industry, Truthfulness, Humility, Piety, and Obedience.   Next meeting will have a different format and the following months will be on a rotation.





Father B gave his lesson on obedience with a reflection on the life of a saint. 

RMGS instruction by Fr. B 12.1.12

Instruction on the Virtue of Obedience

“The Church’s Year” by Father Leonard Goffine

From this all Christians should learn to be obedient to the commandments of God and of the Church. God has united life or death, blessing or malediction with obedience or disobedience to His commandments, and the Bible shows that obedience pleases God more than sacrifices or the fat of rams, and He despises disobedience as He does witchcraft and idolatry. We must be obedient to the Church because Christ Himself with His Holy Spirit lives in her, and governs her, and has said: Who hears not the Church, let him be to thee a heathen and a publican, therefore, shut out from eternal life. We must be obedient to our parents, because they are placed over us by God, and we are indebted to them, under Him, for life and many benefits. Those children who do not assist their parents when they are old, poor, and helpless, or are ashamed of them, have reason to be afraid, since even Christ Jesus, the God-Man, was obedient and subject in all things to His poor mother, and to a humble mechanic who was only His foster-father. Cursed be he that honoreth not his father and mother; how much more cursed those who despise, deride and abandon their parents? Their eyes will one day be picked out by ravens. If God commanded obstinate and disobedient children to be stoned, what do those not deserve who even strike or abuse their parents?


He spoke about the liturgical season – Advent. 

RMGS instruction by Fr. B 12.1.12 v3RMGS instruction by Fr. B 12.1.12 v2

Father B introduced to the girls to the Christkindl.

My co-Christkindl Info Handout with Prayer Chartleader and I coordinated our version of the Christkindl, using the Trapp Family model

Our Chirstkindl will take the form of a prayer exchange with a small gift exchange after Christ’s Birth.  You can take a look at our handout, hereOur handout included a prayer for friends, to be used in the case that the girls needed some guidance.


Sewing project – tally of girls completed apron 19, completed apron & badge 11, need to complete apron 13, have not started apron 3

About half of the girls completed their aprons.  The other half were on task to complete their aprons by the end of this meeting.

RMGS 12.1.12 sewing work

All diligently worked on their assigned tasks.

RMGS recreation 12.1.12

Additional activities were made available to those who were completed with all their tasks.

  • Jump-rope
  • packaging baby items
  • assembling the name tags
  • creating embellishments for apron and/or name tag
  • floaters – assigned to walk around and find those in need of assistance
RMGS group photo with aprons 12.1.12 sewing WM

The meeting was a success – all the girls completed their aprons!


AGENDA - Hospitality ~ Obedience ~ Sewing III ~ DEC


Other Resources:


The girls were invited by Mrs. P to assist with a service project, Hostesses for the Altar Guild Reception to be held on the Feast of St. Stephen – Dec. 26.

RMGS Mrs. P 12.1.12

Each girl received the name of their Christkindl, placed securely in their Hospitality Binder, to be viewed in private at a later time.

The meeting closed with the Angelus.

RMGS Angelus 12.1.12

Our Lady of the Mystical Rose, pray for us!


A special thanks goes out to the A family who so generously surprised me (upon my Sat. arrival) with a completely set-up gym.  It was a special treat for this very pregnant Mama.  Deo gratias!

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