WC Walk for LIFE 2013

We walked in reparation for the sins that have been committed against the unborn, all involved in abortion, and other end-of-life issues.  We walked to be a witness for Christ!



Pope John Paul II

For an End to Abortion

Oh God, who is the Beginning and the End, hear our prayers as we cry out to you to end the merciless shedding of innocent blood in our nation and throughout the world. Through death you have conquered death and through your life we experience eternal and everlasting life. Cause life to spring forth in the hearts of all people and bring forth a love and respect for life that will dominate our culture.  May your kingdom and church apprehend and overtake the culture of death that has prevailed through deceit and selfishness; may the Seed of the woman crush the head of the serpent through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


IMG_5650-001Praise God that we were able to walk as a family for the 2013 Walk for Life – West Coast.  It was a first for the boys.  Thankfully, there wasn’t much opposition (seen) so the littles were all spared from graphic visuals and language.

Rose joined up with friends from our parish and walked with TAC.

I must note that it was much more of a sacrifice for me (at 37 weeks) than I had anticipated.  Dad and the kids were great support.  ALL FOR!


Below is a recap of the walk in pictures. 

We had more pictures from the actual walk and entire day but my photographer and her assistant had a mishap with the camera memory while on our way home. A story not worth mentioning.


Dad – For the logic-impaired  ~  Mom – baby G in womb-37weeks  ~  Rose – Smile Your Mom Chose LIFE ~ Sweetie & Dragonfly – LIFE decorated with hologram smiley faces  ~  Papi – SMILE (w/hologram smiley faces) 4-LIFE  ~  Sparkles – glittered American Flag (her creation from a RMGS poster contest) with PRO LIFE image in place of stars

IMG_5660IMG_5576imageslogic impared






Novena Prayer for Life to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Oh Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of Life,
We honor you as Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Thank you for pointing us to Jesus your Son,
The only Savior and hope of the world.
Renew our hope in him,
That we all may have the courage to say Yes to life,
And to defend those children in danger of abortion.
Give us your compassion
To reach out to those tempted to abort,
And to those suffering from a past abortion.
Lead us to the day when abortion
Will be a sad, past chapter in our history.
Keep us close to Jesus, the Life of the World,
Who is Lord forever and ever. Amen.


  1. Love your photos and red, white, and blue theme! I kept an eye out for you...Would have been fun to bump into each other:) God bless you for your sacrifices, truly a great offering!

  2. What a gift to be able to march!! Good for you.

  3. I am so impressed that you attended! You are amazing! And a beautiful witness to others. How neat that Tiffany was there. Wish you two would have bumped into each other :)

  4. Praise God you and your family were able to go! We were so close to going but it didn't work out. :( I hope you are feeling well in your last few weeks before birth! How exciting!

  5. I love your posters!! and what an awesome example that your children were there!!

  6. I love this post but I also just noticed your banner! I absolutely love it! Complete with Father Pavone and unborn baby... perfect. :)



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