What every homeschooling parent wants to hear…

…Ave Maria and congratulations!  We are pleased to notify you that you have been accepted as a studeRose - college acceptance-001nt of (desired college).

Rose has been accepted to a wonderful Catholic college!  We are all offering prayers of thanksgiving for this very special blessing.  Our Lady of Bethlehem, pray for us!

Our homeschooling unofficially started when when Rose was first born and it went into full throttle when she was 6/7 years old, in third grade.  It’s been slightly over eleven years of “official” homeschooling for us.  Our goal has always been to give Glory to God, foster family relations, and provide a sound education (according to God’s plan for us).  Dad and I have always encouraged further education but were persistent that college is NOT the only way to go.  The emphasize has always been on following God’s call.

Yet more has He done for you! He bestowed on you the inestimable benefit of a thoroughly good training. Under the parental roof the inexhaustible love of a tender mother, the wholesome severity of a judicious father, worked together, with the blessing of God, to educate you wisely and well. Perhaps you have also been fortunate enough to finish your studies in some excellent Catholic academy or college. Thus has God given proof of His special love and care for you. Be grateful to Him, love and serve Him!  
~ Fr. Lasance, Catholic Girls’ Guide

As a family, we discerned some options for Rose as she focused on wrapping up her homeschool years.  It was determined that it would be necessary to complete a college application to keep her options open as we continued our discernment.  She did just that.

The discernment continues with another viable option to consider. DEO GRATIAS!!  We now pray for further direction and His providence as Rose seeks God’s will.

We will make the announcement of the Catholic college once Rose formally accepts or declines the acceptance. 


May Rose be a true follower of CHRIST, always.

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“True followers of Christ were meant to be at odds with the world: The pure of heart will be laughed at by the Freudians; the meek will be scorned by the Marxists; the humble will be walked on by the go-getters; the liberal Sadducees will call them reactionaries; the reactionary Pharisees will call them liberals.”

~ Archbishop Fulton Sheen


  1. Congratulations to her! And you for showing her "the Way".

  2. Congrats to Rose! How exciting!!

  3. What wonderful news! She must be very excited!

  4. Praise the Lord!!! Congratulations to all of you on reaching this milestone! You are an inspiration to me as we press on in our own journey. God is so good and it must be a wonderful feeling to see some of his beautiful weavings reveal a little more of His grand design. Ave Maria!

  5. Congratulations...continued blessings to all!

  6. Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment, for mom and dad as well. God bless her (and her parents :) during this next chapter in her life!!



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