Lenten Wreath

Lenten Wreath close-up
My door was in need of a pick-me-up for Lent.  What does a 41 week pregnant mama on a twist-tie budget* do?  

For starters, let me explain what a twist-tie budget is.  It’s my newest favorite sentiment, copyrighted by Homemaker Ang.
Shoes strings cost money, twist ties are free in the produce dept.
I used what I had on hand and enlisted all able parties within arms reach.

My girls and I collected the necessary supplies from throughout the house, with Dad’s help, and the boy’s supervision.  Everything is a family affair these days since we limit all outside commitments for Lent.
We all should get together and work toward the restoration of the meaning of Lent. 
People nowadays see in it just a gloomy time full of "must nots." That is a great pity,
 because Lent is a solemn season rich in hidden mysteries. We must also keep in 
mind that Lent is only a part of the great Easter season, that it is  for Easter what 
Advent was for Christmas, and that Lent taken by itself would make no more sense
than Advent without Christmas at its end. Therefore, we should let Holy Mother 
Church take us by the hand and lead us-not each soul alone, but the whole family
as a group--away from the noise of the world into a forty-day retreat…If we keep 
the closed time as faithfully as our forefathers did--which means keeping away
from all noisy outside entertainment such as cocktail parties and dances--then we
shall find ample time for the imitation of Christ as it is outlined in every morning's Mass.
  ~Around the Year with the TRAPP FAMILY

Lenten Wreath

Steps:IMG_69441.  gather/recycle  wreathIMG_69462.  cut burlap to desired width.  IMG_69483.  wrap the wreath tightly. secure as necessary.IMG_69514.  gather/recycle foam core board or poster board.  IMG_69505.  trace and cut a cross from the foam core board.IMG_69526.  adhere glue to cross cut-out.  i used elmer’s glue for the first coverage.  then I used hot glue gun for the second layer.IMG_69547.  adhere moss to the cross cut-out.IMG_69638. assemble and decorate the wreath as desired.

Lenten Wreath

Inspiration was found at Amanda Jane Brown and Family at the Foot of the Cross.


  1. Your Lenten wreath turned out great!! I love seeing how everyone lives out the liturgical year.. as I can only do it on a small scale or vicariously right now. Though praying we'll have our own place again soon!

    "Twist-tie budget", I love it! That's so my family right now. :)

    You are in my prayers!! Can't wait to hear when you've had your precious baby.

  2. That wreath looks great, you did a great and creative job using things from around the house.

  3. Very beautiful! And I like how you just covered up the berries instead of dismantling the wreathe. Great idea!

  4. Love it! Prayers for you and your baby, as well!

  5. Very resourceful! I love the burlap...very significant.



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