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~RMGS mission is to help young girls grow in faith, virtue, and service, through hospitality, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.~


Rosa Mystica Girls’ Society met for our sixth meeting of the 2012-13 Session on the second Sat. of the month, February 9, 2012. There were thirty-eight girls in attendance.  We have two meetings remaining.  The next meeting will be another baking lesson (emphasis on pastries) and the following meeting will focus on gardening.  We will close the 2012-13 Session with a May Procession.  m106meeting snack

The girls were introduced to a new skill, bread making. 

mp2090145 bread in oven


Father B was teaching the Confirmation class and could not join us for his regular lessons. Father did grace us with his presence during the bread making segment and for closing, Angelus.

mP2090172father's bread instruction

Father gave a simple lesson on French Bread, the Lost Bread.

mP2090178father grinding wheat v2

He also gave a great demonstration on the hand grinder.


We briefed the girls on the virtue of humility.  They brainstormed examples of humility and pride. 

“The virtue by which a Christian acknowledges that God is the author of all good. Humility avoids inordinate ambition or pride, and provides the foundation for turning to God in prayer. Voluntary humility can be described as ‘poverty of spirit.’”   (CCC 2559, 2546).


Prayer of Humility for Children

Author unkown

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, hear me.
Help me to look for what is good in others and forget what is bad in them.
Help me to put others first and not worry if I'm not picked or am ignored.
Help me not to seek approval and not worry about being the center of attention.
Help me not to be afraid to be afraid of not being liked or worry about being hurt or not believed.
Help me to look beyond myself, even if it's not my turn, and to help others.
Deliver me, Jesus, from all of these and make me as holy as I should be.

Bread Making:

mP2090123bread making station

The bread making lesson was led by Mrs. L and her future RMGS member, M (her 3 year old daughter).  Mrs. L has perfected the art of bread making using home-ground unadulterated wheat.


Mrs. L rounded up the girls around her baking table to give them an up-close demonstration of bread making. 

m107basic bread making steps

She reviewed the simple steps for making a batch of bread that will yield 3 large loaves, perfect for the large families.

She also shared wonderful bits of priceless info that I’m sure the girls will carry with them for many years to come.

m5P2090154ella measuring water for yeast

Each RMGS member had the opportunity to attempt a baking skill and take a turn at the hand-grinder or dough mixing.

mfinished bread sampling105

The girls were able to taste their creations at the close of the meeting.  The remaining loaves were saved for the bake sale.


AGENDA - Hospitality ~ Humility ~ Baking ~ FEB

Hospitality & Humility:


  • Bread Recipe – created by Mrs. L
  • Handout based on Little Women Hospitality Baking Lesson – focus on Hospitality and the necessary steps for baking

Additional Humility Resources:


We reviewed the handouts that the helpers placed in each binder and encouraged the girls to grow in humility and share their new bread making skill with someone else this Lenten season.


The girls created a St. Valentine’s note to express their love for Mother Church, our Priests, or any other related love.  The love notes would serve as décor for our bake sale and would be shared by all.

The meeting closed with the Angelus, led by Father.


Thank you to the many hands who stayed around to help set up for the bake sale on Sunday. 


Our Lady of the Mystical Rose, pray for us!

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  1. So lovely what you are doing here; so wonderful to witness this youthful gathering and the dedication & divine call that you mothers are fulfilling: Our Lord work. God's grace to your days...



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