College Bound

Rose and Dad made a final college visit before finalizing her plans for the coming years.  The trip was somewhat impromptu and made possible through generous benefactors and the most charitable hospitality of the college.

The pictures are sparse and the quality is poor due to the fact that Rose forgot her camera and Dad was operating a substandard camera phone – an utter disappointment to a blogger mom. 


traveling companions at the airport, ready for their 12:50am departure.

IMG_3460flight into tx 12.40 - 6.55 on 5.7.13

rose in the airport at her 6:25 arrival in TX. 


itinerary for Rose’s two day visit.

May 7th & 8th, 2013
8:35 AM Divine Office (Terce) in the Chapel
9:00 AM History class taught by Mr. Reidy / Latin I class taught by Mr. Doskey
10:25 AM Ethics class taught by Dr. Marshall / Philosophy of Nature class taught by Dr. Marshall
11:45 AM Rosary in the Chapel
12:00 NOON Mass in the Chapel
1:00 PM Lunch in the Refectory with students and staff
2:00 PM Euclid Geometry class taught by Dr. Ledek / Epic II class taught by Dr. Shank
2:30 PM Visit to Fall 2013 Campus - Our Lady of Victory
3:30 PM Meeting with Mr. Capani, Director of Enrollment, and Mr. King, President

6:00 PM Dinner in Refectory / Dinner with the College President & family
9:30 PM Divine Office (Compline) in the Chapel

IMG_3468 IMG_3480 IMG_3478

tour of the current campus.

 IMG_3501 IMG_3499IMG_3492

off to classes.

terce mass 5.7.13

noon Mass.


current chapel. 

IMG_3530 IMG_3511

new campus, former convent.2013-05-09


IMG_3540 IMG_3549


nearby FSSP parish.

IMG_3559IMG_3557 IMG_3560IMG_3561 IMG_3556

Saints John Fisher & Thomas More, pray for us. 


  1. Oh! I am so happy to see she is headed to my hometown! I grew up in the south side of Ft Worth. I went to Our Lady of Victory Catholic school from K-2nd grade. Seeing those photos makes me homesick!!! Also, I would go to Mass at the College of St Thomas More everyday before heading to my college classes at TCU across the street. My husband and I stayed awake with Jesus during the midnight hour every Thursday for four years, in the Chapel at St Thomas More when the chapel was still a small, red, one roomed building. She will love the DFW area. She will get a great education too! I am so happy for your family. Thanks be to God!
    Love in Christ,

    PS Please let me know if there is anything we can ever do for her.

  2. Wonderful! What a joy to see these photos. :) Praying for Rose.

  3. How fortunate to be able to make the visit -- I'm sure it will help in the discernment process. Do you happen to know who the priest/s are at the FSSP parish?

  4. Thanks for the encouragement!!

    Mater Dei has three priests.

    Fr. Thomas Longua, FSSP, Pastor,
    Fr. Phil Wolfe, FSSP, Parochial Vicar
    Fr. Peter Bauknecht, FSSP, Parochial Vicar

    Fisher More's full-time Chaplain (in residence) is Fr. Joseph Orlowski, FSSP.

  5. Congratulations and thanks for sharing these photos. Exciting times for your family.



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