Double Digits

May God who loves you and fills your life with joy, be with you always.


JOY Sparkles turned 10 on May 18.  We were away on pilgrimage so her party had to wait. 


We offer the kids a birthday party with friends, every other year.  This is what works for us.  It also helps our kids keep things in perspective. 

P6120765This was Sparkles year for a friend birthday party.  We planned her party within a week.  She settled on a bowling party that was nearby her friends.

2013-06-121Everyone chipped in to make her party a success!  Rose, Dad, and I pulled an all-nighter to complete the finishing touches.  We shipped the boys to Papa & Nana’s since they were sick.

IMG_9314  Dad and Lil’ Man were the only boys present. 


Six of her eleven invited friends were able to attend.

P6120798 P6120853 

Sweetie was a guest and Rose was the party helper. 

P6120787The girls bowled, participated in contests, had pizza and cake, enjoyed presents, and wrapped it up with a few arcade games.  We pretty much had the whole bowling place to ourselves.  It was a blessed celebration!


P6120828 P6120772 P6120804 P6120812 P6120827P6120952




Loving God, you created all the people of the world and you know each of us by name. We thank you for Sparkles, who today celebrates her birthday. Bless her with your love and friendship that she may grow in wisdom, knowledge, and grace. May she love her family always and be faithful to her friends.

Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


  1. Adorable party! Thank you so much for your sweet thank you card :) I'm so happy you were blessed by the rosary. God bless your beautiful family...I remember you often in prayer.



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