Homeschool Graduation Checklist

Rose has completed her homeschool education.  She has diligently Victorius Grad Announcement from Tiny Printsdiscerned her next step.  God’s provisions have been made by way of benefactors (family and friends).  We walk in faith, asking for His grace with each step we take.

We continue to check-off tasks on our list as we close on the homeschool chapter of Rose’s life.

…I know that I am incapable of discerning what may be best for me; therefore I cast myself into Thy arms, beseeching Thee, my God, Who hast sent me into this world only to love and serve Thee, to direct by Thy grace every moment and action of my life to the glorious end of my creation… Thy good Spirit lead me into the right way, and Thy adorable providence place me, not where I may be happiest, according to the world, but in that state in which I Shall love and serve Thee most perfectly, and meet with most abundant means for working out my salvation. This is all that I ask and all that I desire; for what would it avail me to gain the whole world, if, in the end, I were to lose my soul and to be so unfortunate as to prefer temporal advantages and worldly honors to the enjoyment of Thy divine presence in a happy eternity? …

  • Senior Pictures ~ taken at our family’s annual school picture day outing.  I was hoping for a spring photo session but I couldn’t pull it off with all the busy work schedules. 
  • College Application ~ completed with the understanding that it would leave God room to move in her life despite her inclination to further her domestic skills, at home, for her ultimate vocation of becoming a wife and mother.  We sought a college that was an extension of what we sought to accomplish in our home and education.
  • Finals ~ were exactly that, final – NO more home exams. 
  • College Interview ~ was done via web meeting since traveling was not an option -- I was 8 months pregnant.  Again, Rose moved forward with the process with an open heart for God to take action. 
  • College Acceptance ~  was a beautiful consolation to Rose and the entire family.  We opted for Rose to apply to only one college.  We were very selective since we believe college is not a necessary occasion of sin for Rose.  Rose trusts that her vocation is to be a wife and mother.  She very much wants to give her first fruits and not take the windy path to answer this call.  She has discerned if a certain college education would best equip her to do His work, aiding in the restoration of Christendom, starting within the family.       

Rose - college acceptance JOY

  • College Visit – was another sweet consolation along this journey.


  • Graduation – this coming Saturday, Rose will be participating in a celebration within our parish.  A High Mass will be celebrated, guest commencement speaker (thanks to some well-connected moms), and reception.
  • Graduation Announcements – have arrived and will be sent off this week.  We felt the announcements would be a nice way to share our joy and Rose’s accomplishment.  It’s always done for the brick-and-mortar schools, why not for homeschoolers, too.  Rose designed her announcements from the great selection offered through Tiny Prints.  We enjoyed the process.  Their quality, designs, and speedy delivery are top notch—worth every penny.  Click here to view the entire collection of High School Announcements offered at Tiny PrintsSheer Chevron - Tiny Prints This was my choice for announcements.  Rose opted for a different design.
  • Graduation Celebration – we are planning a dinner at a local restaurant.  It was rather last minute so the restaurant was not our first choice and the guest list will be small.  It’s a celebration, nonetheless. 
  • Start a new list, College Prep – it’s going to be a busy summer. 

Victorius Grad back

We received our announcements from Tiny Prints in exchange for our review but that was not an incentive for us to send people their way.  In fact, we have always endorsed Tiny Prints to all our local friends and family. 

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  1. I am so very happy for Rose! I will be graduating in 2015, it seems like a long time but really it is not that far away!



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