Living the Liturgical Rhythm and More


We seek to fully immerse our family into the rich traditions of our Catholic faith, including traditional devotions.  We desire our family to live a life that intimately follows the liturgical rhythm, centered on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We pray to foster a Catholic Culture so that we are able to grow in wisdom, love, and service to Jesus Christ -– aiding in the restoration of Christendom.  ad Jesum per Mariam


Praise God for the graces to attend Rogation Day Mass and Procession with the littles, without Dad and Rose.  Dad and Rose were on a college visit

Rogation days are an opportunity for us to partake in recollection, prayer, and penance.

Fr. B  Rogation Day 5.7.13 We enjoyed a blessed day with our Lord and our parish community, celebrating Mass and a traditional devotion. 


The day ended with a tour of the dairy farm.

Deo gratias!


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