Homeschooling Encouragement & Call to Action

“Homeschooling is a catacomb…Homeschooling is among the new deserts for many saintly souls.”

Dad and I continue to prepare our hearts and home for a new season of family life and JOYfilled -Sancta Familia  Academy[6]another homeschool year.  We turn towards the resources that have been made available from solid shepherds, whom are willing to lead and correct.

Our most recent mediation comes by way of Audio Sancto.

Sloth: The Vice of Homeschoolers – AudioSancto






Below is an abbreviated dictation of the audio.

WHAT TO DO {to remain in the cave—to homeschool}:

St. Paul, in his letter to the Thessalonians 

  1. Make an effort to be quite.  All that is of this world will be burned—it will come to an end.
  2. Pursue your own affairs.  We must not, out of curiosity, wish to inquire into or learn the deeds of others or that of world.  God will let us know what He wants us to know, when the time comes.  Form a rule/schedule for your homeschool.
  3. Work with your own hands. Be not idle. Do what we’re supposed to be doing, when we’re supposed to be doing it.  
  4. Walk honorably for the sake of outsiders. We should recognize that we are on display for the whole world. What we say and do, is important.  How we dress is significant.  Our homeschools ought to be, first and foremost, schools of virtue and good character.  Walk honorably for the sake of outsiders.  You represent something special.  Don’t try to be like the world!
  5. Desire nothing from anyone.  Be not alarmed that you do not have all the gadgets {books, extracurriculars, technology, etc…} that other people have.  Do not long for the luxuries of the world.  Do with less and be willing to be behind the Jones and the public schools.  Having all those things doesn’t make for a devout life or a close knit family.  Many have noted how helpful it is to do with less.  To need something and, yet, not be able to get it, that’s not so bad.  This keeps us humble and always looking up and always working together to keep us going.  Stop the desiring of the ABC’s and work with what you’ve got and God will help you and you will be happy with less and you will produce more! 


May we follow His call, detached from government intervention and other temptations of the evil one. May we keep to our place and build the ark.

Let us consecrate our family and homeschool to Our Lady. 


  1. Thank you for posting this. Exactly what's in my wonderful to read it in someone else's words.

    ps...found out we're having a boy! Boy #4 - Praise God!

  2. I've listened to this at least four times. Thanks for the cliff notes, I need something I can meditate on without listening to the whole thing.

    Blessings on you ... stay in your cave!



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