2014 Patron Saint

On the occasion of the New Year 1935 Saint Maria Faustina made this entry in her spiritual Diary:  "Jesus likes to intervene in the smallest details of our life. And He often fulfills secret wishes of mine that I sometimes hide from Him, although I know that from Him nothing can be hidden. There is a custom among us of drawing by lot on New Year's Day, special patrons for ourselves for the whole year...”  ~ Saint Maria Faustina


We are discerning a major family opportunity and felt it only fitting to enlist the intercession of a new patron saint.  We opted to select one saint for the family this year.

Our 2014 Patron Saint is…St. Leo the Great.


We used the Saint’s Name Generator.

Family Patron Saints from 2010 I 2011 I 2012 I 2013.




"Short and fleeting are the joys of this world's pleasures which endeavors to turn aside from the path of life those who are called to eternity. The faithful and religious spirit, therefore, must desire the things which are heavenly, and being eager for the Divine promises, lift itself to the love of the incorruptible Good and the hope of the true Light." ~ St. Leo the Great

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  1. I am very partial to this saint. My baby is Leo, after this great saint and my grandpa (although non Catholic). It's so funny that this was our boy name (we don't find out the gender of the baby until birth) going into L&D because once he was born--weighing 11 pounds!--Leo the GREAT fit him perfectly.



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