Rosa Mystica Girls' Society

Rosa Mystica Girls' Society (RMGS) is a society of young girls, ages nine through thirteen from St. Stephen the First Martyr Catholic Church. Under the Patronage of Our Lady of the Mystical Rose, the girls meet once a month on First Saturday for: Mass, Spiritual talk, teatime, and skills/activities.

 ~RMGS mission is to help young girls grow in faith, virtue, and service, through hospitality, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.~

This page contains a master list of links and printables for the RMGS 2012-13 Session. This page will be updated throughout the year.

General Info: files can be found on the RMGS eloop

2012-13 Info: files can be found on the RMGS eloop



Meeting Overview:

Binder: Each member of RMGS has been given a binder. This binder is to serve as their RMGS journal and will be used throughout the year, at every meeting, and for their own interests. The following list includes the items that have been included in the binder, in order. The girls will add to these binders throughout the year with handouts and items of personal interest, related to the topics discussed – hospitality, virtues, sewing, cooking, and gardening.

  • RMGS Prayers - first three prayers come from Fr. Lasance Catholic Girls’ Guide
  • An Act of Love ~ passed out at  the second meeting, Hospitaluty & Love of God ~ Sewing 
  • Litany of Humility ~ passed out at the sixth meeting, Hospitality & Humility ~ Baking 

~~~ First Meeting ~~~
~~~ Second Meeting ~~~

 ~~~ First Meeting ~~~
~~~ Second Meeting ~~~

 ~~~ Sixth Meeting ~~~
  • Bread Recipe – created by Mrs. L 
  • Baking & Hospitality -  based on the Little Women Hospitality Baking Lesson  
 ~~~ Seventh Meeting ~~~
  • Puff Pastry Recipe – created by Mrs. D

~~~Eighth Meeting~~~

  • Fr. Lasance Catholic Girls' Guide – Online PDF Copy or Bookstore – This book provides the core for the RMGS program, virtues. Our reflections are taken directly from Fr. Lasance’s instruction to young maidens. We have highly encouraged all RMGS members to obtain their own copy of Fr. Lansance’s guide.
  • Little Women’s Hospitality Program – We’ve used this manual as an supplemental resource to help us foster the original mission set forth by the RMGS founder - to equip the the girls with domestic skills for their vocation.
  • Blogs – supplemental resource. I have scoured numerous blogs that offer free tutorials and wonderful reflections on the desired virtues.
  • Sewing with St. Anne: A Sewing Book for Catholic Girls – supplemental resource
  • Tea and Cake with the Saints: A Catholic Young Lady's Introduction to Hospitality and the Home Arts – supplemental resource
  • Little Flowers Girls’ Club – supplemental resource

*these items were not handed out at the meeting and are to be printed by mom for supplemental use 


  1. where can I purchase a copy of the Rosa Mystica society manual? Also, what made you decide to use this program rather than the little women hospitality program? thanks, tiffany

  2. RMGS was formed at my parish by a mother, for girls ages 9-13.The younger girls at my parish attend Little Flowers and the older girls attend Sodality.
    RMGS is not a set program with a model. She laid the foundation of domestic skills and apostolate to the pregnancy resource center. The group has looked different over the season, dependent on the season of the mothers helping. It has always been in union with the Holy Mass. RMGS is overseen by a Spiritual Dir/Priest.

    I kept the original mother's model and added some Little Women's Hospitality and Little Flowers type of enrichment. I create/collect my own handouts for all selected skill sets. It's what worked best for my gifts and 42 girls. I'm sure I would have done it differently if there were only a handful of girls.

    Please let me know if there is any other info that I can offer to help you with your group.

    ad Jesum per Mariam,




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